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A Message from Mario

     I Proudly served in the United States Navy, After returning from 5 years of service for my Country in the Greatest Navy that ever existed (HOOYA), I tried to look for insurance for me and my family, however, I wasn't able to find the level of assistance I was looking for. My mother raised me to be a doer not a whiner, which led to the launching of my Health/Life insurance career. 


     I became licensed in 2013. I was in the top 5 insurance agents for years 2014 and 2015 for Health and Life alike. Shortly after I was promoted to Benefits Director/ National Director of sales and have had the privilege of assisting seniors and other veterans with transitioning into Medicare.  


     I care for my disabled mother and younger brother. My mother is the hardest working woman I know on the face of the planet. She worked herself ill for her children and now it is my turn to reciprocate. My family is a very tight knit family. We spend as much time together as possible. Family is everything. 

Mario Soto,

Your Senior Health Specialist

Mario Soto

Licensed Health Specialist

What to Know Before You Enroll

Medicare could be a confusing topic, review the articles below to learn more about Medicare and it's services.

Understanding Medicare

Learn the basics of medicare and find answers to common questions about how Medicare works.

Are You Eligible?

With so many rules that apply to Medicare its important to see if you qualify for it's benefits.

How Much Does it Cost?

Be aware of how Medicare affects your pocket.

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