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    I grew up in sunny Miami, Florida. I was the first child out of 11. As a child I loved reading books, the books provided a means of escape for me as I always thought that each book was a new adventure. Because of my love of books, I wanted to be an author of my own one day!

   I started my career in the Insurance Industry because I wanted to help people. I have been helping folks for years with all kinds of insurance, ranging from Individual Health to the Medicare Supplements.

   I am currently married to my beautiful wife that I have been with for the past 17 years. She is truly my better half. We currently have 3 children together and they drive us crazy every chance they get.

   My latest and proudest achievement is that I have finally finished writing my first children book and plan to have it published this year!

Venes Noel,

Your Senior Health Specialist

Venes Noel

Licensed Health Specialist

What to Know Before You Enroll

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