A Message from Ruth

     I am an active advocate in my community. Providing resources for seniors and at risk teenagers and also low income families. Along with being a Cancer Survivor, community involvement is one of my greatest accomplishments. I truly feel I have been given a second chance at life, and I am making the best of it.


       After my bout with Cancer I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to helping others, and it has proved to be most fulfilling. As the proud mother of five adult children and three beautiful grandchildren, I am truly living my best life now.


         I became an Agent to make sure seniors get the help they deserve and are educated on the sometimes complex system of Medicare. My goal is to help seniors transition and navigate through their enrollment smoothly.

Ruth Snow,

Your Senior Health Specialist

Ruth Ann Snow

Licensed Health Specialist

What to Know Before You Enroll

Medicare could be a confusing topic, review the articles below to learn more about Medicare and it's services.

Understanding Medicare

Learn the basics of medicare and find answers to common questions about how Medicare works.

Are You Eligible?

With so many rules that apply to Medicare its important to see if you qualify for it's benefits.

How Much Does it Cost?

Be aware of how Medicare affects your pocket.

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