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          I was born and raised in the fast-paced New York City, where the most amazing things can happen all in one NYC moment.  Friends and associates would describe me as being confident, humorous and well-rounded. I was raised by my grandparents. My grandfather was a World War II veteran and my grandmother, a registered nurse.  Eventually, I was put in a position to pay it forward and look after my grandparents, just as they looked after me as a child. The essence of that chapter in my life has given me an insightful point of view of our healthcare systems.


           In October of 2014, I temporarily relocated to Florida to franchise a business venture and ended up falling in love with the culture, the weather and most importantly, the cool, beach breeze. I soon turned this newfound, temporary location into a more permanent place I like to call home. Within that time, I acquired my licenses as a health insurance agent and health care advisor and have been consistently gratified with assisting my clients to obtain access to quality healthcare plans.

Kevin Curry,

Your Senior Health Specialist

Kevin Curry

Licensed Health Specialist

What to Know Before You Enroll

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How Much Does it Cost?

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